Jumping Spider

Jumping Spider on April 20, 2020. I have been spending more time shooting with my macro lens recently. While my Downy Woodpeckers are still working on their nest hole, I haven't photographed any other birds that aren't in view from the balcony. To keep busy with photography during the pandemic, I have been spending more time around the neighborhood scouting for small bugs on the dandelions. It is also nice when interesting subjects show up on the balcony.

I already had my macro lens on while shooting an unidentified bug on the balcony screen this afternoon. The Downies had just returned to their nesting hole and I swapped to my telephoto lens. A small spider climbing up the plastic railing caught my eye and I swapped back to my macro. Glad I did! This Jumping Spider was a real thrill to shoot for 45 minutes. I had stopped when I got too close to the spider, it climbed on my lens and subsequently fell somewhere I couldn't find. I figured it was best that it went on its way.

I have no way to know whether this particular spider is male or female.

Lens - Sigma 105mm f/2.8 EX DG OS HSM Macro Lens on Nikon D500