Common True Katydid

Common True Katydid on August 8, 2020. My husband found this bug on the screen door. I grabbed my macro lens and had quite the morning! I keep broken branches on the balcony for a nice prop for cooperative bugs. I don't mind shooting on manmade items (plastic railing, chairs, etc.) but prefer them in a more natural habitat. I carried it through the house on one of my branches and shot on the living room balcony for 45 minutes.

This particular Katydid fell off my stick when I adjusted the stick near the balcony and fell to the grass. I wish I had let it crawl around the balcony until the sun was out, as it is while writing this. It was missing one of its hind legs so I suspected it had a broken wing. I learned after finding the specific type of Katydid that these ones do NOT fly.

My biggest amusement coming from this insect was that it looks like the Grinch and looked grouchy the entire time I was shooting it.

Lens - Sigma 105mm f/2.8 EX DG OS HSM Macro Lens on Nikon D500