Crab Spider

Crab Spider along the Patuxent Branch Trail on June 23, 2020. We went out on a short macro walk this afternoon hoping for interesting bugs or flowers. On the way down to the trail, we saw some flowers still in bloom and many bees. There was nothing of note down along the river so we continued down towards the bridge.

I noticed these flowers, which I do not have the ID of, were still in bloom and stepped into the grass to take a few photos of them. I noticed this bug on top of the flower and my husband noted it looked a bit like a tick, which would be highly likely down there in the woods. My intuition didn't think this was a tick as it didn't have the right colors. The front legs were also much too large. I presumed spider while I was checking out the shots on the way back home. By using a spider identification guide, I am confident this is a Crab Spider. Just looking at the front legs of this spider provides some insight as to why it is named what it is (long legs that look like crab claws).

Lens - Sigma 105mm f/2.8 EX DG OS HSM Macro Lens on Nikon D500